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1 - Community and site moderation
Admin and Moderators on bushcraft uk will use the rules and their own judgement to moderate. They have full authority to act when & how they see fit and all members should abide by what they suggest or enforce. Due to bushcraft uk being a private forum the admin and moderators act on behalf of the owner and enforce the rules and standards set out here and those given to them verbally.

Guidance for members: Abide by the decisions of the moderators, do not argue or challenge them on the forums. If you disagree with a decision contact them or admin via PM and state clearly and politely your concerns and they will be dealt with. An alternative is to use the report post function with an explanation. Anyone being argumentative, rude or a consistent nuisance will be carded or banned.

Be patient, sometimes things cannot be addressed straight away.

It is expected that members of bushcraft uk will self moderate, if this is done the moderator team will not have to moderate members or threads.

2 - Community area behaviour - Flaming:
Slander, foul language, or harassment of anyone, member or non-member will not be accepted (otherwise known as flaming). As these forums are often viewed both at home and in workplace, family language is encouraged. Moderators will use their discretion.

3 - Bannable activities:
Displaying, conversing about (using any of the community tools) or the posting of links to any type of pornographic site, illegal software downloads, or warez links will earn a ban. Any foul language or behaviour will also earn a ban. One warning can be given at the moderators’ discretion.
Using the community area to Spam the forums, members or any other persons is not and will not be accepted. Members caught or suspected of spamming will be banned.

4 - Do a search:
Before posting members should search the forum for a direct answer to their question. Admins and Moderators may ask members to search for the answer to their questions, should it already have been answered.

5 - Forum subject matter
Some subjects should be avoided on bushcraft uk. Firstly any subject that the moderators say is not appropriate should not be discussed. Particular problem subjects where moderator guidance should be followed are those such as politics, survivalism (often becomes extreme), legal systems, TV shows and criticism of people, religion - this list is not all inclusive and members are expected to follow guidance given by moderators and other members that know the ropes.

6 - Usernames:
Members may have one (1) username, multiple aliases are not permitted. If more than one alias is created on purpose for manipulating the forums, or other personal reasons we reserve the right to ban all instances of the users aliases.

bushcraft uk is a privately owned website and forum and as such every visitor is a guest, no rights are conferred by registering or subscribing to bushcraft uk and membership can be cancelled at any time at the owners discretion.

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